Alyssa has two bachelors degrees one in Psychology and one in Sociology from Western Carolina University. Alyssa received her masters in Mental Health Counseling from Gardner-Webb University. She is an Associate level Licensed Professional Counselor. She completed two 300 hour internships during her master’s program and is now accruing hours to be fully licensed clinician.

Preferred Populations

Alyssa accepts clients of any age but primarily focuses on teens, young adults and adults.  All clients must be willing to be an active part of their own therapy. From a clinical stand point, she sees therapy as a collaborative effort between client and counselor.  

Alyssa ascribes to the theory of Cognitive Behaviorist (CBT) which means she believes that there are connections between behavior, cognitions and emotions which then result in actions.  The connections between behavior, cognitions and emotions are how we each see and interpret the world around us.  The behavioral piece of cognitive behavioral therapy will be used in the therapeutic exercises and homework given to each client.  It also lends to the empirical nature of CBT which uses scientifically proven methods.  Techniques that may be used in counseling from CBT/REBT are: Reframing, Role Playing and confronting irrational beliefs.  Alyssa believes that skills the client and clinician utilize within a session have to be practiced in daily life.  Homework will be given uniquely to each client and may include journaling, charting daily behaviors, and even some expressive art assignment.  Therapy should be a collaborative process between client and counselor to ensure maximum effectiveness.  Most sessions will be solution focused and goals will be set.  All goals set in therapy will be mutual goals between the client and counselor. The main focus of therapy will be toward a goal of overall wellness, changing outlooks on problems and giving each client the tools to help themselves.