Preferred Choice Healthcare 


179 W Main Street

Suite 132

Forest City, NC 28043

Phone: 828.248.4403


1243-4 East Dixon Blvd.

Shelby, NC 28152

Phone: 704.487.4000

Fax: 704.487.4005 

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"Empathetic...Authentic...Genuine Care"


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Why Choose PCH?

The MISSION of Preferred Choice Healthcare, Inc. is to provide professional services to individuals suffering difficulties arising from mental health and substance use related concerns in a holistic framework based upon the values of respect, integrity, and dignity.  Preferred Choice Healthcare strives to communicate these core values by demonstrating Empathetic, Authentic and Genuine Care in all of our interactions in our efforts of meeting your unique needs. 

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Hours of Operation:


8:30 am to 5:00 pm


Monday & Thursday:

Open till 8:00 pm for group sessions


Hours apply to both Shelby and Forest City offices with the exception of group hours as substance abuse groups are not currently held at the forest city location.


Assessment and Referral Services

Preferred Choice Healthcare currently offers Pre-trial and DWI Assessments' to individuals who voluntarily seek these services as well as Child Protective Service Substance Abuse Assessments for local Department of Social Services. It is our commitment to provide these services in a professional and empathetic nature. We are also happy to consult with you to discuss any problems you or your family may be having and to make referrals for any service either we do not provide or you would prefer to receive elsewhere. Preferred Choice Healthcare is a collaborating partner with local school districts, Juvenile Justice, Courts, other Mental Health Agencies, Private Providers, and the community as a whole. We would, of course, love for you to use our services, but we realize that not every service provider is appropriate for everyone and that treatment based on the unique needs of the client are the most appropriate and beneficial.